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Current Female World Aerobatic Champion, Svetlana Kapanina, has been competing in the FAI World Grand Prix since 1996. 
Motegi 2008 will be her 19th Grand Prix and 7th competition at Twin Ring Motegi.

FAI WORLD GRAND PRIX MEDAL COUNT - 2 medals (1 Gold, 1 Silver)

Russian Flag Flying hours: 1’260
Nationality: Russian
Date of birth: 28 Dec 1968
Place of birth: Schuchinsk, Republic of Kazakhstan
  Resident: Moscow, Russia
  Marital Status: Married, 2 children
  Interests: Spending a great time with family & friends
Sukhoi 26


After winning the 2007 World Aerobatic Championship in the female category for the 6th consecutive time, Svetlana keeps on demonstrating she is the best female aerobatic pilot of all times. 

She has won a total of 38 gold medals in World Aerobatic Championships.  The FAI (International Air Sports Federation), added to that impressive collection, by presenting her with the FAI medal for “Best Pilot of the Century”.

In 1987 Svetlana graduated from medical school, speciality - pharmacist. The following year she started flying in Kurgan, by 1991 she was a member of the Russian Aerobatic Joint Crew and by 1995 she had graduated from Kaluga Pilot’s School. Although she believed she would never devote her life to flying, what started out as a hobby has turned into serious work as a professional aerobatic pilot.

It didn’t take her very long to join the world's elite aerobatic pilots. Perhaps her training as a gymnast and many hours on the trampoline has contributed to her success, without requiring so many flight hours.

In 1991, she was Absolute Champion of Russia and in 1993 she won silver at the European Aerobatic Championships, her first international aerobatic contest. She was awarded the medal “For Service to the Motherland” in 1995 and “Award of Honor” in 2002.

Even with her busy schedule she still had time to start her family, giving birth to a son in 2002 and a daughter in 2004.  She trains within the Russian National Team structure and attends the 24 hour daily residence training camp at Borki Airport, not far from Moscow.

Here are some of her International Category 1 achievements:

World Aerobatic Championships

2007 – ranked 1st female (4th overall)
2005 – ranked 1st female (4th overall)
2003 – ranked 1st female (2nd overall)
2001 – ranked 1st female (6th overall)
2000 – ranked 4th female
1998 – ranked 1st female (3rd overall)
1996 – ranked 1st female (4th overall)

European Aerobatic Championships

2008 – ranked 1st female (4th overall)
2006 – ranked 1st female
1997 – ranked 1st female (3rd overall)
1995 – ranked 4th female
1993 – ranked 2nd female
1991 – ranked 2nd female




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