Photo: Renaud Ecalle

Current Vice World Aerobatic Champion, Renaud Ecalle, will be joining the FAI World Grand Prix competition in November 2008.

French Flag Flying hours: 2’000
Nationality: French
Date of birth: 30 Dec 1980
Place of birth: Charenton le Pont
  Resident: Near Marseille, France
  Marital Status: Married, 1 son
Aeronautics, friends, mechanical sports, skiing, swimming
Xtreme Sbach 300


Renaud’s adventure with aeronautics started at the age of 11, when he was flying with his father who was a private pilot.  He flew aerobatics when he was 14, and entered his first championship at 15.  Three years later (1999), he was the warm up pilot for the French Aerobatic Team competing at the European Aerobatic Championships in Spain.

The same year, he completed his schooling (Baccalaureat) and joined the French Air Force, where he spent the next four years (1999-2003) in military training to be a fighter pilot. 

He was French Champion in 2003, and returned to the French Aerobatic Team in 2005, where he was ranked 3rd in the World Aerobatic Championships.  The following year he took away the silver medal at the European Championships and in 2007, he was French National Aerobatic Champion and ranked 2nd overall at the World Aerobatic Championships.

Renaud is a fighter pilot on the Mirage F1 (800 flying hours), with the French Air Force.  In June 2008, he is scheduled to join the French “Equipe de Voltige” based at Salon de Provence.  This move will allow him to achieve his dream of being an aerobatic professional, flying air shows and competitions.

Aircraft flown:

Fighter and military aircraft:
Mirage F1, Mirage 2000, Alpha Jet, F5

Aerobatic aircraft:
Cap 10, 20, 21, 231 & 232, Sukhoi 26, 29 & 31, Extra 300, Xtreme 3000, T200

International Category 1 achievements:

World Aerobatic Championships
2007 – ranked 2nd overall
2005 – ranked 3rd overall

European Aerobatic Championships
2008 – ranked 2nd overall
2008 - ranked 1st freestyle
2006 – ranked 2nd overall




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