Photo: Castor Fantoba

Castor joined the FAI World Grand Prix last year when he competed in the 2007 Russian Grand Prix.  Motegi 2008 will be his 2nd Grand Prix and first competition in Japan.

Spanish Flag Flying hours: 7’500
Nationality: Spanish
Date of birth: 12 Feb 1966
Place of birth: Pamplona, Spain
  Resident: Madrid, Spain
  Marital Status: Married
  Interests: Everything to do with flying
Sukhoi 26M


Castor graduated in Aeronautical Engineering from Madrid's Polytechnic University.  After several years working in this field, his passion for flying motivated him to become a professional pilot where he gained experience in different areas such as aerial advertising, skywriting, crop-dusting and water bombing.   
He is currently an aerobatic flying instructor and Captain at Privilege Airlines, flying a Boeing 757.

In 1999 he became a member of the Spanish National Aerobatic Team.  Since then he has been 4 times Spanish National Aerobatic Champion and was awarded “2005 Premio Flyer” for his career in sports aviation.

Here are some of his International Category 1 achievements:

World Aerobatic Championships

2007 – ranked 04th male
2005 – ranked 06th male

European Aerobatic Championships

2008 – ranked 4th male
2008 - ranked 2nd freestyle
2006 – ranked 5th male




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