Extra 300 SHP



The Extra 300SHP is a "one-off" airplane that is a derivative of the EA 300S design.
6.72 m
2.55 m
Wing span
7.50 m
Wing area
10.44 m²
Lycoming AEIO 580 - B1A
Horse power
315 HP
MT-Propeller 3-blade constant speed MTV-9-B-C/C 198-25
Steel tube fuselage.
Wings, empennage & landing gear are manufactured of composite material
Gasoline 100LL (AVGAS)

Empty Weight

608 kg

Maximum aerobatic weight (A)
820 kg
Maximum take off weight (N)
920 kg
Load Factor
+10g / -10g
Max. allowed speed
408 km/h
Max. cruising speed
293 km/h
Max. roll rate
Max. rate of climb
16 m/sec.
Take-off run (brake release to lift off)
80 m
Take - off to 15 m
(brake release to 15 m height)
170 m
Landing distance over 15 m
(15 m height to stop)
386 m
Landing roll (touch down to stop)
150 m
Touchdown speed
115 km / h

Extra Flugzeubau GMBH



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