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Aerobatics is a school of excellence where the pilots, should they be solos or members of formation teams, are constantly searching for precision, technical performance and aesthetics in their figures.

It is an official sport, technical and demanding, with its rules, codes and competitions. A safe sport, which had no accident in international competitions since the first World Aerobatic Championships (1960).

Aerobatics is a challenging sport, both physically and mentally, where the champions must combine piloting skill, physical stamina (severe G-loads of +/- 10 Gs), and the ability to think quickly and plan ahead.
It is the art of executing spectacular flying feats and manoeuvres in three dimensions such as loops, rolls, tumbles, stall turns and others under the pressure of phenomenal accelerations.
The art of creating a fleeting but also aesthetic and emotional choreography when pilots are flying to music.

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