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Lily Horn Is Born

Lily Horn Is Born uses an unconventional grouping of four saxophones to perform acoustic jazz.
The group members are:

Fabienne Hoerni (tenor)
Annette Kitagawa (alto, arrangements)
Susanne Mueller (alto)
Lisette Wyss (baryton, arrangements)

Haute Voltige heard them play during the 2001 Neuchâtel Buskers Festival. At that time the girls were completing their studies at the Jazz Schools of Basel, Bern and Lucern, majoring in Saxophone/composition.

In 2002, they joined us in Brno, Czech Republic playing live for the Haute Voltige Air Musical, Aeroplane.

A few months later, they travelled with us to Twin Ring Motegi, Japan to perform during the 2002 Haute Voltige Aerobatics Japan Grand Prix.

In 2004 Lily Horn composed the music for the HV Air Musical "The Call Of The Skies ".
The following year they were with us in the United Arab Emirates performing the music live. (in the UAE, the air musical was displayed under the name "The Flight of Hope").

Almadrava Album: Northern Winds

Please visit their website for more information about their music, performances and photos.
>>> Lily Horn is Born website



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