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Our company was founded in 1988 by a former team leader of the Patrouille de France, a fighter pilot who believed that aircraft had been created as artistic tools, not only to transport passengers, deliver freight or armament.
Aircraft are now part of our culture of mobility, not only physical but also intellectual, this is why our motto is HAUTE VOLTIGE "Fighting the Spirit of Gravity", the Wings of Culture.

Since our first event, AERIA, held at Neuchâtel (Switzerland) in 1989, based on the theme of mobility and communication in all dimensions, we have explored skies of the world with spectacular and thrilling representations of a philosophical idea, perfect image of Aerobatics, the Conjunction of the Opposites.  

Our events can be tailored to the organisers requirements and local regulations and can be held at any location where public safety is guaranteed. Haute Voltige can provide:

  1. The "FAI World Grand Prix", since 1996, an international FAI aerobatic competition to music opened to solo pilots and formation teams, all types of aircraft. This is a sporting event, successor to the "Breitling Aerobatic Series" from 1990 to 1995. It can be enhanced by Haute Voltige Specials, spectacular displays like the Time Challenge or legal stunt flights.

  2. "Air Musicals", a different air show concept where aircraft are considered as tools for artists, an outdoor "Air Theatre" where a story is acted out by pilots flying their aircraft to originally composed music, a new Performing Art for the 21st Century. 
    On a reduced and more flexible scale, the "Air Musical Theatre" will become "Poetry in Action".

  3. "AERIA", our original concept launched in 1989, based on the theme of mobility, not restricted to air displays, restarted in 2009 to loop a loop and continue the spiral.

  4. The "Sounds of Silence "
    Exploring the Kingdom of the Skies for so many years, we finally discovered the lost language of the birds ... Without flying machines, in a friendly environment also environment-friendly, we can tell you the new Conference of the birds - Secret of the gods, secrets of the World.
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