1972 - 2009

Competed in 5 FAI World Grand Prix solo competitions.


1 medal 1 bronze

Svetlana had an intense and very brilliant history in Aerobatics. Her first encounter with her dream to become a pilot was when, as a child, she saw a helicopter fly above her village. Ambitious, determined, passionate, she made it happen.

She first started flying aerobatics in 1990.
In 1995 she became an instructor pilot at the Chkalov National Aeroclub of Moscow and a member of the Russian National Aerobatic team.
In 1996 she graduated from the Kaluga Aviation Flying-Technical School as an exploitation aircraft pilot, professional and instructor pilot. In 1999 she joined the Chkalov Moscow Central Aeroclub as an instructor pilot.

Svetlana is proud to be one of the few women to evolve in that sport and she is dreaming of the day when at last it will be honored with an Olympic status...

Here are some of her International Category 1 achievements:

World Aerobatic Championships
2005 – ranked 3rd female
2003 – ranked 3rd female
2001 – ranked 2nd female
2000 – ranked 3rd female
1998 – ranked 5th female
1996 – ranked 11th female

European Aerobatic Championships
2006 – ranked 2nd female
2004 – ranked 1st female
1999 – ranked 1st female
1997 – ranked 6th female
1995 – ranked 7th female

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