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Dreamings Music CD
Dreamings CD

Call of the Skies Haute Voltige Air Musical

Almadrava and Haute Voltige have collaborated on several projects over the years.
However, the story started at Twin Ring Motegi, when they were part of the Spanish video production team making our video "Haute Voltige Beyond Aerobatics".

Upon completion of the video, Patricia and Pedro started to compose the music for "Dreamings", the first Haute Voltige Air Musical.
Almadrava Album: Northern Winds

The following year they were with us in the United Arab Emirates where Patricia performed live, and Pedro and his Jump TV crew filmed a documentary on Haute Voltige at Al Ain.
The DVD was released under the title "Wings Over Al Ain", and has won several awards.

>>> video clip - wings over al ain
Almadrava Album: Northern Winds
Patricia and Pedro also produced the "Best of Haute Voltige"DVD, with Patricia, composing several pieces of music for the project.

>>> video clip - best of haute voltige
In 2006, Almadrava composed the "Metal Angels" music for Haute Voltige, under the name of "Pensator Project".
Some of these track will be played during the "Poetry In Action" segment at Twin Ring Motegi this year.
>>> poetry in action Motegi 2008

Please visit the Almadrava website for more information about their music, concerts, photos and vidoes.

>>> Almadrava website




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