After turning the page of the Japan Aerobatics Grand Prix at Motegi, with our deepest gratitude for all their support, HONDA has just announced their immediate withdrawal from Formula I.
We have a thought for Soichiro Honda the founder of the company, who was so fond of aviation that he took a wing as his logo. Honda goes on ...
Haute Voltige will go on too ... The current worldwide situation gives us the opportunity of to make a futuristic comment at the end of this year 2008, which is definitely a turning point in our history.
Of course the economic recession is in question, but we have to understand that we are currently living the end of an era, with a new strength on its way that nobody will be able to stop  ...
The easy prediction is that we will, quite soon, lose all our illusions, and our blind faith in old principles and outdated dogmas, waiting for the eventual magic solution. Despite all governmental plans to save "the Economy" by investing money they do not have, the "Magician" will not come.
It is not a drama, it is probably the best thing that could happen to mankind, an electro shock for a necessary mental adjustment in our habits, and for developing new concepts for our life.
We have entered the process of a radical change of civilisation that will not take us backwards to old mistakes, more a quantum leap towards a new Utopia, the M Theory in 11 dimensions, the "Dreaming" of the Great Unity of men, the planet, and the laws which govern them ...
It is another type of Aerobatics than with aircraft, I agree. It still plays with the Conjunction of the Opposites, but more with Time than Space, and does not need to be operated with machines, other  than our own brain.
Environmentally friendly, cheap, and exciting, it requires the same skills from each individual, and that is to express their imagination, to find the energy to obtain their freedom, the courage to be different and unique.
Because the "Magician" will still only be found within ourselves, whatever the revolution, we are condemned to be "Poets in Action".
Escape the flock of negative followers, be creative, achieve your dreams, be an unpredictable free electron, responsible for your choices.
Pilot your life and enjoy it!
This is the meaning of our Greetings card, the same since 2002, and it's the best we can wish you ...
Happy New Year 2009 !
ILM and the Haute Voltige Team

Merry Christmas from Haute Voltige